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Oh No

Home till 19th October

Year 4 Shrews

It's very sad that we have to miss the rest of this week at school . Hopefully we will all be back on Monday 19th October. I would like you all to do some work from Purple Mash. 

Log on - then  go into Mathematics - then - Number - then Place Value.

Make sure that you are following the 7 to 9 year old activities.

Please try to complete:- 

Write the numbers in figures TTh

Sort the numbers TTh

Partitioning to find the unknown (1)

Partitioning to find the unknown (2)

Multiples of 6,7,9,25 and 1000

Roman numerals

2Calculate - Rounding

1000 less

1000 more

Problems Number and Place Value

Then go back to the Number page and opt for  Addition and Subtraction Ages:7 - 9

Try to complete

Addition HTO +O

Addition HTO + T

Addition HTO + H


Go back and go into English then Spelling Resources - Spelling Year 4

Then try Aut1 Wk 1 Quiz Homophones and near homophones.

There are plenty of books on serial mash to keep up your reading.

Please continue to practise your Times tables using Times Table Rockstars Keep up with your spelling on Spellodrome  - I will put next weeks spellings on, on Friday.

You will need to research Digestion and Healthy Eating for the next part of our IPC topic and BBC bitesize is a good place to start.











Don't forget.