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Home Learning

While we are all self isolating make sure to check the pages below for work that you can be doing. Don't forget to practice spellings on Spellodrome, times tables on TTRockstars, check for activities on Purple Mash, and you may now also all start using Read Theory. 

For anyone self isolating or unwell.

As well as completing the homework tasks, if you have to take time off school, other activities will be posted in these pages below so that you can keep up with the learning we are doing. 


Homework that is expected to be completed every week as standard will take place on several different online platforms. Some of them you may already be familiar with and some may be new to you. You should have received all your login details for these websites so can begin to get on with the homework tasks each week. 


Spelling practice will take place on Spellodrome (see the link below).

Each week a new list of around 20 words will be added to Spellodrome for you to practice. There are activities you can complete to help you practice online but feel free to have some extra spelling practice by using some of your own methods as well.

Every Friday morning you will have a spelling test to put all your learning of that week's spellings to the test. Make sure you're ready for it. 


Times Tables: 

Our times tables are very important to know as they help us will lots of different areas of maths. 

You will be expected to practice your times tables every week on TTRockstars (see link below).

Each week on TTRockstars a Girls VS Boys competition will run with a champion team and champion individual for both teams being announced at the end of each term.

As with everything, if you want to do extra times tables practice in your own way as well then that is great. There are lots of different methods to use to practice your maths skills. 

Each day in school you will be taking part in a timed times table practice. The more you practice at home the better you'll be in class. Those of you who get 60/60 every day will receive a certificate at the end of the week. 

Basic Maths Skills:

In addition to times tables there are some other basic maths skills that we should continue to practice and become really fluent with. These are our number bonds.

You can practice your number bonds by playing the game 'Hit the Button'. You can find the link below. When you get onto hit the button, make sure you select 'Number Bonds' and then start playing some of the different games it has for number bonds to become really good at them.



Although some topic projects may be set throughout the term, mini activities will be set on purple mash each week (see link below). 

These can vary from reading chapters from books and completing quizzes to designing posters and leaflets. 

These activities will help enhance your learning of our topic and take it to a deeper level.


To continue to improve our reading skills and our comprehension skills we will begin to use Read Theory. Here you will find personally tailored reading activities to really build up your reading and comprehension skills. 

Although we had planned to complete the first activity in class, as we have been unable to do so, please do this at home now instead. 

You can find the link below.

You should all have your Usernames and Passwords that were given to you recently.

  • PE Tuesday afternoons


    Kit should only include:

     - Navy blue or black jogging bottoms

     - Plain White T shirt

     - Trainers or pumps (for indoors and outdoors)

     Children are also able to bring weather appropriate clothing such as a sunhat or winter hat if needed.


    NO LOGOS OR BRANDED CLOTHING (including team strips)


    During our P.E. sessions the children's safety is our priority.

    No jewelry or watches may be worn and headscarves should be secured neatly.