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A huge welcome to all the children in year 6 - the final year of primary school! There will be lots of interesting and exciting events happening this year including trips, visitors into school, a residential trip and finally... SATs! 


To help support your children at home in preparation for their SATs, please visit



This half term we will be securing our knowledge and understanding with fluency, problem solving and reasoning in the topics of place value, number, the four number operations and fractions. 



In English we will be focusing hard on reading, grammar, punctuation and spelling. We will be focusing on biographies and autobiographies in writing and will be reading a class text very soon! We have a huge range of books to read: some of the children have already read 5 books this year! WOW! 


IPC Topic

Look! Hear!/Full Power: The children are currently looking at light and energy this term, with a focus on the eye, renewable and non-renewable energy, and climate change. With the current world crisis of global warming, the children will be looking deeply into the effects that humans are having on our wonderful home. 



This term in RE we will looking at the relationships between different religions and link this to the British Values.