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Week 2 September 21st - 25th


This week we will continue learning about Place Value. 

Lesson 1 - Numbers to 100,000

Lesson 1 - Numbers to 100000 Worksheets and Answers

Lesson 2 - Compare and order numbers to 100,000

Lesson 3 - Round numbers within 100,000

Lesson 3 - Round numbers within 100,000 Worksheets and Answers

Lesson 4 - Numbers to a million

Lesson 4 - Numbers to a million Worksheets and Answers

Lesson 5 - Counting in 10s 100s 1000s 10000s and 100000s


Lesson 1 - What are the stages that happen in each of Hercules' Labours?

Lesson 2 - Plan your own labour for Hercules

Lesson 3 - Use a thesaurus (you can use an online one) to help you build up a range of vocabulary to use. You could use your plan to help you think of some of the words you might want to look up.

Lesson 4 - Learning about Expanded Noun Phrases


This week our Myths and Legends learning takes us to the Legend of the Leprechaun from Ireland.

Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 - L1 - Stories about a Leprechaun with reading comprehension. L2 - How to trap a Leprechaun activity.

Lesson 3 

For this lesson we will be making rainbows. Rainbows are typically associated with pots of gold at the end of them and their little trickster guardian the Leprechaun.


In class we will be making paper chain rainbows but feel free to come up with your own creative designs and ideas.