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At Marshfield Primary School we believe and advocate a mastery approach to the learning and teaching of mathematics in a fun but focused way. It is our belief that all children have the potential to succeed and develop meaningful mathematical links that they will use throughout their lives. At Marshfield, children will have access to the same curriculum content and, rather than being extended with new learning, they will deepen their conceptual understanding by tackling challenging and varied problems.New Recognition Partner Announcement - White Rose Maths - Tempo Time Credits

We believe that mathematics provides children with the essential life skills of:
• Understanding number and calculation,
• Developing fluency of conceptual and procedural mathematics,
• Problem-solving,
• Enquiry and investigative skills,
• Reasoning Skills.

We adopt a fully inclusive, mind-friendly approach to teaching and learning in Mathematics where children are challenged sufficiently in a supportive environment. Assessment for learning allows children and teachers to review the strategies and methods used in the lessons, thus always moving learning on. All teachers follow a clear teaching sequence of progression throughout each area of mathematics following the White Rose SOL.

• To develop numerate children through the ‘mastery approach’,
• Ensure every child is confident and enthusiastic when approaching mathematical problems,
• Provide children with the skills to use and apply mathematics in different contexts,
• Provide children with the vocabulary (see link below for more information) to talk about and explain mathematical concepts, 
• Provide children with an exciting Maths curriculum which is embedded in real life situations and practical problem-solving,
• Use ICT to enhance the learning and teaching of mathematics,
• Use a variety of learning styles and resources to cater for all children’s needs,
• Encourage the development of children’s independent learning, including through home learning.

Our children in the Foundation Stage receive a personalised curriculum designed around development matters. This includes the use of "White Rose Number" and "Master The Curriculum", delivered daily in Reception and weekly in Nursery, in addition to timely interactions regarding maths and number in the free-flow provision.

Home Learning

Numbots and Times Tables Rock Stars – Myddle CE Primary and Nursery School

In addition to any homework set by class teachers, we encourage the use of the above learning apps to deepen your child's understanding and consolidate any learning that happens within the classroom.  

Enterprising skills are essential for our students as they bring together every element of our mathematical curriculum.  We pride ourselves on giving the children the chance to take charge of their own learning and apply what they've learnt in the classroom to real-life challenges.  This not only prepares students for future academic and career endeavours but also cultivates a mindset of curiosity, propelling our three school values of Ambition, Resilience and Respect.

Recently, we have partnered with the Organic Pantry to deliver high quality, fresh ingredients for our smoothie enterprise: Genius Juice!


Here are some more examples of our enterprising endeavours: