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Online Safety guidance for parents during COVID-19

Online safety advice for parents during COVID-19


As UK schools close, or run at a limited capacity as a result of COVID-19, we know that parents and carers are having to manage their child’s use of technology and help them learn remotely. This can feel overwhelming but we are here to help! Here are lots of useful resources and tools that you as a parent or carer can use to help ensure your child is safe and happy online.

Getting advice and guidance if something goes wrong

As young people spend more time online there is also an increase in the chances they will see something online which isn't intended for them. Whether this is fake news and impersonation, or mean comments, there are lots of places you can go for help and advice on how to report this behaviour. Together as a family you can also help prepare your children and build their critical thinking skills. 


Speaking to someone

For young people - depending on the age of your child there are a range of places they can go for help, for younger children they can call childline for help and support, and for older children.


For Parents & Carers- NSPCC helpline can help you with any questions or concerns you may have about keeping your child safe online, they can provide you with advice and help to troubleshoot any problems your family may be facing.

Online Radicalisation advice

Mr Dunn's top tips...

During these difficult times when many children are home learning it is important to remember some key online safety rules. 

1. Aim to create a technology free bedroom. Have devices in one communal room such as the kitchen or living room. Monitor what they are watching/viewing online.

2. Practice safe browsing. Use 'safesearch' as a search engine to filter out inappropriate content.  

3. Do you have antivirus software? There's lots of free antivirus software online such as Avast and AVG to keep your device safe.

4. Talk to your children. What are they accessing online? Is it age appropriate?

5. Research! Review apps and games that your children are using. Think about age gatings on films and games.


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