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Preparing for the New Academic Year

Dear Parent/Carers,


To begin, I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of our families for their support and encouragement for what I can only describe as my most challenging and extraordinary time of headship.


I have included in this letter some guidance for all parents, carers and children, so that on Monday 7th September, you will know all expectations. I have followed guidance from the DfE in all our decisions to ensure all aspects are covered in light of COVID 19 and risk assessed accordingly


For the full guidance, see:


There will be a variety of aspects that I need parents and carers to follow and I have also included a child friendly booklet to let the children know what to expect on their return.


In planning to safely open school to all our pupils, and to adhere to the guidance as much as possible, we have made slight amendments to the school day for different groups of children.




Dropping off and Picking up



Year Group



KS2 playground




12:40 – 13:00




12:20 – 12:40




12:00 - 12:20


Year Group Bubble


KS1 Playground














EYFS Bubble


EYFS Outdoor Area









KS2 to enter and leave through the side gate.


KS1 & EYFS to enter and leave through the main gate.


Lunches to be eaten in classrooms with the exception of Reception who will use the canteen.


Please could I ask that you stick to these times as best you can. The aim is to restrict congestion in given areas of our school site. There is a one-way system in place that you must follow at all times. Staff will be outside to guide you throughout these arrival and collection times.


I am mindful for some families with a number of children in different year groups, that the staggered timetable could be problematic. Please contact the school office and we will try our best to simplify arrangements for you, where safely possible.




Each year group 1-6 will be classed as a ‘bubble.’ This means that the children will stay in this bubble at all times. They will have a separate break from the rest of the school, be given a designated area to play in and also have a staggered dinnertime in order to keep them safe. We will also have an EYFS bubble, a breakfast club and a Friday afternoon bubble for those children whose parents both work full time and remain in school on Friday afternoons.


Infection Control


All children will be expected to wash their hands more often. Measures are in place to support some pupils who may need extra support. We will discuss good hygiene practices through storytelling, particularly for our younger children. We have provided adequate amounts of soap, hand gel tissues and bins in order to promote good hygiene practices.



Social Distancing


We understand that children in primary school will find it more difficult to social distance in particular our youngest children. We have therefore introduced the one-way system, dedicated playground areas and staggered pick-up and drop-off times. Pupils will be taught to follow social distancing measures when moving around school and they will not be allowed to mix with another bubble.


It is recognised in the government guidance that: ‘younger children will not be able to maintain social distancing, and it is acceptable for them not to distance within their group’ and that: ‘all teachers and staff can operate across different classes and year groups in order to facilitate the delivery of the school timetable.’



Contracting the Virus


In the unlikely event a pupil displays symptoms of coronavirus, we will handle this in line with guidance. We will provide a waiting area with access to a toilet that is safe and will limit any spread of the disease. Staff looking after the pupil will wear PPE and will inform parents and carers of the next steps for what you and your family will need to do.


Mental Health and Wellbeing


The children’s mental health and wellbeing will be at the forefront of our planning when we return.  Our curriculum for the first few weeks will give opportunities for the children to share their experiences or worries.  We have purchased a new curriculum called Connect which covers a whole array of interesting lessons and activities to promote and understand mental wellbeing.  We have also invested in a new piece of assessment software which evaluates children’s attitudes to learning and how these might have been effected by the pandemic. We want to ensure that we provide the children with all the tools necessary to quickly eradicate any gaps in learning.


In the last few weeks, we have excitedly welcomed back Mrs McDonald and Miss Longfield, who have returned from maternity leave and Miss Yaqub who has shocked surgeons will her miraculous recovery. We are absolutely thrilled to have her back safe and well.


It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye today to Miss Lacey who will be missed tremendously in early years. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her exceptionally hard work and enthusiasm over the last five years and wish her a successful future.


We also welcome Miss Gulbe and Miss Mayers who should prove to be excellent additions to our teaching team.


It also seems exceptionally strange to say goodbye to our wonderful year 6 children without our usual Leavers’ Ball or dazzling Leavers’ Performance. With or without SATs results, I want to congratulate in each and every one of them for being incredible ambassadors for Marshfield Primary School and I wish them the very best for the secondary school adventures which  await them.


School will open to all children on Monday 7th September.

Breakfast club will run as usual and will open at 7:45 a.m.


Wishing you all a healthy and enjoyable summer break.


Look after yourselves,