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Definite Return to School Plan (Year 6 and Year 1)

Dear Parents and Carers,


Hope you are all well and are looking forward to a relaxing weekend with your families, albeit amidst this miserable weather.


Mr Ali and Mr Daykin have contacted all Year 6 parents and carers this week regarding a definite plan to open on Monday 15th June. Similarly, there will also be an attempt to speak to all Year 1 parents individually next week to confirm a definite return to school the following Monday (22nd June). Staff and I are really excited to open our doors to a wider selection of children as we gladly embrace the concept that normality seems to be (eventually) returning a little bit.


Unfortunately, as for the return of the rest of the school, we do not have any concrete plans in place at this stage.


Plans for all England's primary school children to return for a month before the summer break were dropped by the Education Secretary Gavin Williamson on Tuesday 9th June.


I was very disappointed to see how this announcement was handled and the fact that Mr Williamson had built up so many pupils and parents’ expectations about a possible return to school in June.


The announcement means (for most schools) that many primary school children, outside the key worker groups and the year groups already being phased in, will not be back in school until September.


To add to the confusion, Boris Johnson has also announced an ‘exciting summer catch up plan’ for schools over the summer.  As of yet, I have recieved no further information regarding this catch up plan; the schools and pupils who may be able to access it and how it is to be financed and implemented. As and when I receive this information I will be in a position to share it with you. As I have already mentioned, staff and I are keen to consider keeping Marshfield Primary School open throughout the summer holidays if finances will support this and it is logistically and safely possible. I will (of course) write to you with any definite plans in due course.


As a parent of two daughters, I understand the anxiety and uncertainty this creates for all our families. Please do not worry about any educational development being lost at home. When it is safe, we will have your children back engrossed in their learning and achieving to the best of their ability, like we always do. Looking at the varied and exciting examples of learning coming in from home, I couldn’t be more proud of your concerted efforts with home schooling.


I thought I would also take this opportunity to make you aware that I have invited a virologist to come into school over the next few weeks to speak to staff and run workshops with children, just to add an extra layer of risk aversion. Using the same reasoning, we are also having thermal fever screening cameras, non-touch access control buttons, and automated hand sanitisers installed throughout the whole school over the next few weeks.


A sincere thank you to all parents for the continued support and understanding you have displayed throughout the last three months.


I cannot wait to see some Year 6 children on Monday morning and for those parents and carers who wish to keep their children at home, you have my 100% support.


Warmest Wishes,

Victoria Hartford