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An exciting NQT development training programme - covering a whole year

MyBD5, through Bradford Birth to 19 Teaching School, are delighted to offer an NQT development programme which has been specifically designed to support, nurture and develop teachers in the first year of their career. Our 2019-20 programme aims to foster a collaborative network for NQTs across the city of Bradford by creating a platform where teaching and learning ideas can be shared, issues can be discussed, new learning can be developed and successes can be celebrated.

Our successful programme has been ‘tried and tested’ for years throughout BD5 schools where the primary objective of our programme is to enable NQTs to demonstrate their ability to meet the Teachers' Standards consistently over a sustained period of professional practice.


New learning opportunities will be led successful school leaders, LLEs and SLEs who have been recognised for their experience in developing, leading, coaching and guiding teachers in their early career development. Refreshments will also be provided.

For more information, or to book onto the programme please contact:   Abigail Traynor