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IPC Project! 


As you should all know, at this point in the year we would have completed a project relating to our IPC topic of 'Out of Africa/Extreme Survivors'. We would love to see these projects completed at home! For your project you need to choose OR design your own animal and describe in great detail how it has adapted to its environment, making it perfectly suited to survive. 


What we would like to see: 

- A drawing/model of your chosen animal

- A fact file that includes information of the animal including its habitat, key characteristics, diet and appearance. Remember, we need to know what it is about this animal that makes it perfect suited to its environment! 

- You could create a video that presents this information to us


Send in your projects and we will share your amazing pieces of work on Twitter! 

So that your children can fully access their learning from home, we subscribe to a number of useful websites and apps that allow them to access the year 6 Curriculum from their own devices. Below are some fantastic links to allow them to do this:
Play a Kahoot above if you'd like to practice your SPaG skills. You can play on any tablet or laptop computer.