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Autumn 1 - This is Me

In Autumn 1 our theme is:

All About Me

Over the next few weeks our class will begin a new topic, called ‘All About Me’. This unit is part of the Early Years programme of the International Primary Curriculum. This curriculum has been specially written for young children and sets out clearly what children should learn in four groups or ‘strands’ — these are called ‘Independence and Interdependence’, ‘Communicating’, ‘Exploring’, and ‘Healthy Living’.


The activities which have been planned will cover these strands in the following ways:


Independence and Interdependence

During these first few weeks the children will learn a great deal about relationships and how to get along with lots of new people. They will be introduced to activities to develop new skills and have opportunities to play alone, alongside and with other children.



The children will be introduced to books, stories and rhymes. They will be involved in

counting activities as well as some of the processes of art and craft. We will sing and learn some simple rhymes.



Throughout these early days the children will learn about playing with materials such as sand, water and paint.


Healthy Living

The children will begin to learn about paying attention and concentrating as well as

expressing emotions and emotional needs. Each day will bring opportunities to develop

the ability to cope with change.


We will begin this theme on Monday by sharing photographs. Please help us by sending us a recent photograph of your child which they can share with others.

As always, we welcome any support or suggestions which you may have. Watch our class

webpage for more details as the theme progresses.


 Remember you can send us photographs of home learning to:


Autumn 1 Phonemes