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Modern Foreign Languages

Bonjour! At Marshfield Primary, we recognise the importance of learning modern foreign languages in today’s global society. Our French curriculum, starting from Year 3 in Key Stage 2, builds on the natural curiosity of children and develops both their language skills and cultural awareness, enabling them to communicate effectively and appreciate the richness of French-speaking cultures. By the time they leave us, children will be confident and competent in French, ready for their time in Key Stage 3 and aware of the many opportunities that language skills can offer.

We adopt a fully inclusive, mind-friendly approach to teaching and learning in French where children are sufficiently challenged in a supportive environment. All teachers follow a clear teaching sequence of progression throughout each area of French, following the CUSP Modern Foreign Languages scheme.


The national curriculum for modern foreign languages aims to ensure that all pupils:

- Develop an appreciation and understanding of the cultural richness of French-speaking countries.
- Develop communication skills through listening, speaking, reading, and writing in French.
- Are equipped with the language skills required to engage with French speakers and resources, today and in the future.

Learning French supports learning across the curriculum: it enhances cognitive development, provides opportunities to apply knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, and fosters a broader understanding of global cultures, preparing children for a more interconnected world.